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Edith Press Launches

Last week marked the launch of Edith Press a new boutique fashion and beauty public relations firm. What makes Edith different from other PR firms is their flexible packages, pricing, and the fact that one of the co-founders has inside knowledge from being a designer himself. It’s rare that someone in public relations has a firm grasp on creating a product from design, to seeing it through production, and ultimately introducing it to the world. Carl, one of Edith’s co-founders knows exactly what it’s like to oversee the growth of a brand, work with craftsmen and factories and the ins and outs of working with PR. He designs his own women’s accessories collection.

Edith Press has an insiders knowledge of what it’s like to work as a designer and also work with PR. The co-founders worked with PR in different capacities over the years and they decided designers and artists need a fresh, modern approach from the public relations perspective. Not everyone can afford a costly monthly retainer fee with a dose of attitude on the side. (Not all PR come with attitudes, but many do; especially if you are on a tight budget.) Thus Edith Press offers an array of public relations packages that are bank account friendly. Pitch Hub is similar to pay-per-placement in that you pay a fee when product is placed in the press- both online and in print. Although there is a required pitching fee which covers three months. (They can’t do work completely free.) If product doesn’t land any media mentions, you are not out of pocket a large sum. And let’s be honest, absolutely no PR can 100% guarantee placement, so the Pitch Hub plan makes perfect sense. Edith Press also offers a la carte services and then the more traditional monthly retainer. Some brands prefer monthly retainers since they lend stability to the designer without unnecessary interruptions.

Edith Press Public Relations

There are several standouts about Edith Press’ business model. The main is that they are nimble and can turn on a dime for their clients’ needs. The public relations and marketing landscape has shifted, with designers and small businesses gravitating toward specialty PR or even doing it on their own. And since they understand what it’s like to be a brand and to work with PR, they have a completely different perspective than most in the industry. One of Edith’s two co-founders stated out of a handful of of public relations he’s worked with for his own brand, only one completely understood his needs and most of them made the process of PR overly complicated. That’s a good point: public relations doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Not all brands need intricate ‘campaigns’ or launches; some only need products pitched to media outlets in a straight-forward manner. A nimble PR firm knows how to reach out to editors and pitch their clients’ products; it’s not rocket science.

With the launch of Edith Press and their variety of budget friendly services, it makes me wonder why other agencies haven’t followed this trend. 90% of all businesses are small businesses. Let that sink in – 90%. It’s smart to cater to small designers, brands, artists, and creators. We also hope Edith Press keeps us up-to-date with their progress. All the best to this new public relations firm.