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The Best Beauty and Lifestyle Review Sites

The Internet is littered with useless websites. Browsing the first page of Google is astounding – there are so many sites which bait a reader to click, but are not informative. Many of the top search results are spammy and have nothing to do with the topic at hand. High quality, good substance websites are harder to come by than one may think; especially in the beauty and lifestyle realm.

We round up some of our top beauty sites. These online destinations are informative and often lead us to discover new products.

Glossy Shops

Glossy Shops mantra is Real Reviews for Real Life. It’s direct, to the point, and we like it. The site is mostly beauty reviews, but there are other lifestyle products discussed as well. I recently read their very lengthy write-up on Bissell’s carpet shampooer. It was one of the best articles I’ve read in a long time because it was so incredibly informative. Let’s be clear, researching the best carpet cleaner or steamer is boring. And yet, it’s a household product consumers need to research.

The team has a great grasp on skincare products available via Amazon. We all shop on Amazon – many with packages arriving several times a week. Amazon has a wealth of beauty products and along with that come fake reviews. It’s usually easy to tell who was gifted a product (free of charge) and positive reviews that don’t make sense. However, some fake reviews are very well disguised. Glossy Shop editors purchase all of their beauty products before reviewing. Most review sites never use the product in real life. These sites review expensive products they have never seen in person in order to make a sale and receive an affiliate fee. Keep that in mind when you stumble upon any beauty review site. Glossy Shops doesn’t have a ton of reviews because everything they write about, the editors try first.

We discovered our now favorite round brush via Glossy Shops.  gives the best glossy blowouts. No salon blowouts for us with this new round brush.

Into The Gloss

We have long been fans of Into The Gloss. Their interviews are informative, insightful, and chock-full of interesting beauty finds. The behind-the-scenes shots of varied beauty cabinets evokes much envy and jealousy. I wish my skincare stash looked like many of their subjects!

Into The Gloss interviews go deep into skincare routines, which we love. Every now and then we learn a few new skincare tricks and discover products we bookmark for future purchase. However, many of the products are not budget friendly. Most sites now rely on affiliate purchases to make money. This means expensive products discussed earn a site more money when a reader clicks and purchases. More budget friendly products

There is no shame in the affiliate game. Nearly all non e-commerce websites rely on affiliate links for revenue. Websites cannot run on air and coffee alone. Every time you land on a product review site, it’s chock full of affiliate links. Your favorite cheesy Insta stars? You know the ones who smile so wide it looks like it hurts? They are shilling via affiliate links as well. Everyone is dipping their toe into affiliate marketing and that’s why it’s harder and harder to find honest reviews.

Because Into The Gloss conducts in-depth interviews with real tastemakers, it’s one of the reasons it scores high on our list as a top beauty review site.


We all know Allure magazine as the glossy beauty Bible found on newsstands. It’s website does not disappoint either. Like most sites, most of their links are also affiliate-based. As stated above – nearly all websites use affiliate links; and many have for years. What we like about are honest (as far as we can tell) beauty reviews. They also have a knack for unearthing new and different products that even surprise the most beauty-obsessed.

Allure’s site may seem cluttered from the homepage, but logistically, they are trying to present as many different products and articles as possible. I do wish they’d do a re-design though. Believe me, I understand they are going for more is more, but it’s overwhelming.

Once you get past their homepage, the articles on are authentic and informative; they don’t read like ads or overly promoted as you find on most affiliate sites. I recently found myself Googling Mason Pearson brush reviews. I read article upon article and various blog posts, but one of the best I read was on

Allure is a veteran publication in the beauty industry so it makes sense they’d lead the way as a review platform online.

What are some of your favorite beauty and lifestyle review sites?