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PLIA Designs Reid Satchel. A Review

In my last post I wrote about finding the perfect summer travel bag. You may recall it was my intention to set out early to find my dream bag so that I wouldn’t be so rushed right before summer travel excursions. Many of us have been there- needing a new travel bag at the last minute. Panic ensues. It was during a February snowstorm that I stumbled across accessories brand PLIA Designs. PLIA Designs creates exceptional designer handbags and leather goods. ( Not to mention their heavenly designer iPhone cases. More on those later.) The minute I landed on their website, I knew it was a brand to love. Handsome satchels graced the front page and lovely water color sketches are scattered throughout the site. PLIA Designs is a brand that clearly understands great craftsmanship and good web design. I’m often astounded at luxury accessories brands with sub-par web design. A beautiful website is now the same as a physical luxury boutique; both need to be designed in a way that encourages a shopper to browse and purchase.


As the snow piled up outside my window that February day, I ordered a Reid satchel from PLIA Designs website. I have a good eye for online shopping and nearly always love everything when it arrives. This was definitely the case with PLIA’s Reid satchel. It landed on my doorstep a few days later and I was bowled over by its craftsmanship. The first thing I noticed about PLIA’s Reid satchels is its old-world craftsmanship and attention to detail. Lifting it from the box, I knew right away this was one of the more luxurious designer handbags I’d purchased. If only other so-called luxury brands with eye watering prices paid as much attention to detail and quality. There is nothing worse than opening a luxurious handbag only to find it made of cheap and flimsy material. I’m a stickler for craftsmanship and I expect to purchase well made products by luxury labels.

Work and Travel

I’m now four months into using my new(ish) Reid satchel and I love it as much, perhaps even more, then when it first arrived in February. Thus far I’ve used it mostly for work. With an incredibly made and smartly designed interior, it fits a laptop, iPad, smartphone, and other essentials. The interior is crafted of quilted high performance protective fabric. It’s not an ugly interior fabric you often see inside laptop bags and attaches. This is one of the most fashionable yet supremely made interiors of any designer handbag I’ve owned; it’s elegant yet also strong and durable. I’ve even used it a few times as a day bag sans laptop and work essentials. It is a bit large for a day bag, but I love it. When I carry PLIA Designs’ Reid satchel, colleagues at work and strangers on the street frequently ask who made my handbag. It’s the sort of handsome satchel that people notice. This is one of the few designer handbags I’ve seen with a full leather bottom. Some designers skimp on the amount of leather used to create a bag; not PLIA Designs. If I keep using this satchel for work, I may have to purchase another one.

I have no major overseas trips planned for the summer. Instead, I’m taking a few weekends each month to visit friends and family. PLIA Designs’ Reid satchel is perfect for a weekend bag. The interior pockets can hold skincare and beauty products. The handbags main interior is large enough for a pair of shoes and a few changes of clothing. I’m more than happy with my new PLIA Designs handbag and I can’t wait to use it for overnight excursions.

Please read more about it and check out the hype here: