Designer Handbags For Summer Travel

It’s still spring, yet summer weather is already here. Days are hot and humid without much reprieve in the evenings. Even though it’s May, it already feels like the dog days of August and early September. With Memorial Day right around the corner, people are gearing up for a summer chock full of travel. Even if you don’t have a major trip planned, you may have scheduled a quick weekend getaway with a friend or a road trip to visit family. Summer travel doesn’t always entail exotic getaways and long plane rides. This summer I don’t have any fun trips planned due to work, but I will be taking a few weekend breaks for family weddings and to catch up with old friends. No matter how long or short your summer jaunts may be, it’s important to find and carry the right bag. Choosing a good travel bag or one of the new designer handbags on the market doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Start Early!

This year I planned early. There is absolutely nothing worse than waiting until the last minute to purchase travel goods such as suitcases and carryalls. The powers of the universe make it difficult to find exactly what you are looking for at the last minute. I’ve learned the hard way. Several trips abroad in years passed proved stressful right up until departure. I needed travel bags and totes at the last minute and never truly found what I wanted. Shopping is exhaustive and there is nothing worse than arriving to the airport overly tired and cranky. Needless to say, I was not happy with my travel bag purchases for those trips and vowed to never again save shopping until the last minute. This year I started planning for summer travel in February. My goal was to find the perfect designer totes or handbags for travel and it wouldn’t hurt if it could also double as a work bag.

Shop Online!

February’s massive snow storm on the east coast had me hunkering down at home for four days. Everyone knows that I don’t like shopping in person. There is nothing more tiring than traipsing through a shopping mall. The snow storm provided a perfect break to scour the internet for travel bags. I stocked up on a lot of pre-made food, so there wasn’t a lot of cooking to interfere with online shopping. My goal: to find a satchel-style handbag that would be the perfect carry-on for flights and also transition to a work bag as needed. Tapping away at my keyboard, it wasn’t long before zeroing in on a few handbags I loved. My favorite was from up-and-coming accessory brand PLIA Designs. In fact, it was exactly what I was searching for. Satchel style handbags will be forever chic. A handsome air surrounds a fashionable woman carrying a satchel. It didn’t take as long as I thought to find my new handbag for summer travel.

Within a week, my new handbag from PLIA Designs arrived at my doorstep. It was everything and even more than I hoped for. In short: I found the perfect summer travel bag. Watch this space for my review of PLIA Designs Reid satchel. It’s one of the most impressive designer handbags to hit the market and fashionables will love its versatility. I finally found a handbag that  works for both travel and work.

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